1 3Smile - Orthodontic Teeth Trainer Kit

1 3Smile - Orthodontic Teeth Trainer Kit

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Premium quality orthodontic multifunction teeth trainer kit

Main Features:

  • Made Of Soft And Medical Grade Silicone 
  • A Multi-function Appliance Into One, Simple, Practical, Effective Treatment Of A New Type Of Orthodontic Equipment
  • 3-Phases (Soft, Medium, Hard) Design To Get Perfect Orthodontic Effect
  • Designed To Improve Bucktooth, Large Tooth Gap, Malocclusion And Even Your Chew Habits
  • Eliminates Teeth Grinding & Clenching And Snoring

Generally, the users should wear trainer for 1~2 hours during daytime, and 8 hours at night. For the first week, your teeth may feel pain and soreness - this is normal. Please keep on using it everyday! Stage 1 needs about 4 weeks, to give the mouth a time to accommodate. Stage 2 needs about 6~8 weeks, after the accommodation with Stage 1. Stage 3 is to straighten teeth and consolidate the periodontal tissue (fiber and ligament) state, needs about 12-24 weeks. Keep using it until getting the ideal orthodontic effect. Put the trainer into mouth with tongue tag up and position tongue tip on the tag. Keep lips together and breathe through the nose. Clean the trainer under warm running water every time you remove it from your mouth. Use cleansing tablets (cleaning agent) to correctly clean twice every week.

Package Includes: 

x1 3Smile - Orthodontic Teeth Trainer Kit

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