2 Relice™ - Headache and Migraine Relief Wrap

2 Relice™ - Headache and Migraine Relief Wrap

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Relice migraine head wrap (13"*3.14") is made of flexible gel beads filled in a leak-proof pouch with elastic straps. It is a very well-constructed flexible cold or hot pack which allows easy and comfortable application to affected area and provides better contact to body, effectively relieve fever, stress, headache, toothache, pain, swelling, and sore muscles. The size of this pack and elastic straps makes it just right for a lot of different applications: from head to jaw to ankle, wrist, knee and more.

Use for heat help to relieve: Stress relief, sinus discomfort, swelling, sprains, pain after surgery

Use for cold help to relieve: Fever, headaches, migraines, chin aches, pain after surgery

x2 Relice - Headache and Migraine Relief Wrap

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