3 Deep UV Wand - Portable UV Light Sterilizer

3 Deep UV Wand - Portable UV Light Sterilizer

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This is a product that uses a UV LED to sterilize your daily needs. The Deep UV Wand can effectively penetrate the membranes of biological cells and nuclei in just 10 seconds, destroying bacterial DNA or RNA, killing various microbes, viruses and does not contain mercury and ozone, which is safer. You can use it to sterilize everyday objects such as computers, mobile phones, cosmetics, jewelry, cups etc. Safe and convenient, it brings a healthy lifestyle.

Charging method: USB charging
Battery capacity: 500 mAh
Port: Micro USB2.0
Size: 120x30x18mm
Color: White

Package List: 3 * Portable UV Light Sterilizer

Note: Please do not point the UV lamp on the skin and eyes of humans/animals. Keep the product away from children.

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