MouthFit - Facial Exercise Device

MouthFit - Facial Exercise Device

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A highly effective jaw exercise device that offers quick results to build facial muscles and strengthen the jawline.


  • Chisel The Jaw And Achieve A Stronger Appearance
  • Reduce The Double Chin On Your Face
  • Activate 57 Plus Face Muscles On Your Face
  • Enhance Blood Flow And Oxygenation For A Youthful And Vibrant Look
  • Slim And Tone The Face To A Defined Profile At Various Angles
  • Increase Your Metabolism To Help You Lose Weight
  • Relieve Mouth And Face Pressure And Tension
  • Fulfilling The Urge To Eating Something

Package Includes:

x1 MouthFit Device (40lbs of Resistance)

x2 Pairs of Bite Strips (4 Strips Total)

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