Fit Bands Harmony - Extra-Durable Muscle Building Resistance Bands
Fit Bands Harmony - Extra-Durable Muscle Building Resistance Bands
Fit Bands Harmony - Extra-Durable Muscle Building Resistance Bands
Fit Bands Harmony - Extra-Durable Muscle Building Resistance Bands

Fit Bands Harmony - Extra-Durable Muscle Building Resistance Bands

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Are you ready for the most versatile, results producing workout bands on the market?

Our Premium & Extra-Durable Resistance Bands can be used to enhance almost any standard workout. They are a unique tool that easily allows you to incorporate resistance training while also targeting and developing specific muscles and tendons and are a simple and cost effective way to improve muscle tone in arms, legs, back & buttocks without need for expensive gym memberships.

Bands help with strengthening, flexibility, mobility, muscle power and plyometrics training and they are suitable and adaptable for women and men at any fitness level. Each strap has a different strength so that you can increase the intensity of your workout gradually. They can be used individually or together to provide the perfect level of resistance for anyone. They are a great way to rehabilitate muscles through simple yet effective workouts to increase strength and improve range of motion.

FitHarmony™ - Resistance Bands will help you tone, build and sculpt muscle while simultaneously developing balance, speed, strength, and stamina. They make it easy to target specific muscles such as your hamstrings, thighs, hips, glutes, biceps, triceps, core and back. They can be used for a variety of upper body, core, and lower body exercises such as push ups, crunches, squats, lunges, and knee raises, to name a few.


Once You Receive Your FitHarmony, You'll notice these AMAZING BENEFITS>>>

  •  These 10’’ x 2’’ top-quality workout bands come in up to 5 levels of varying resistance and each one is manufactured with 100% natural latex which makes them ideal for beginners and advanced athletes alike. Choose the right resistance loop band according to the level of fitness you’re comfortable with.

  • Multi-purpose Use: These exercise loop bands can be used for a vast array of exercises and programs including stretching routines, strength programs, powerlifting techniques, cardio and home gym workouts. Plus, they come in a neat carry bag so that you can take them with you or store them in your gym bag for your convenience.

  • Unparalleled Quality: These resistance bands are guaranteed to be friendly on your sensitive skin and they are completely free from defects that would stay in the way of your workouts. Not to mention we’ve included a bonus instructional booklet and eBook as well as bonus access to our online video workout guide which will teach you the basics of using these elastic bands for legs, arms, back, shoulders, ankles, hips and stomach workouts.







10-15 LBS



15-25 LBS



20-30 LBS



25-35 LBS


30-40 LBS


Grab your Discounted FitHarmony™  - Premium & Extra-Durable Resistance Bands while the store LAUNCH DISCOUNT is on! Once we reach 300 unit sales, we will be increasing the price back up to $49.95 USD.

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