ShapeFlex Waist Body Shaper

ShapeFlex Waist Body Shaper

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How does our ShapeFlex Waist Body Shaper work?

Our ShapeFlex™ Waist Body Shaper uses ShapeFlex™ Nylon Technology to create a strong Elastic Compression to shape your waist in seconds! Shape your waist and boost your confidence for day and night outs!

 360° ShapeFlex™ Nylon Compression helps you fit in your Dress or Skirt easily!


  • Targets the Belly & Butt- Our ShapeFlex™ Nylon is bonded in the Belly and Butt area to compress your belly in and lift your butt up
  • Firm Shaping Compression- The ShapeFlex™ Nylon is super flexible and with the Memory Steel in the Upper waist area, our Shaper creates a Lock-in effect every time.
  • Comfortable 360° Shaping- Our ShapeFlex™ Shaper compresses you at every angle on your belly and butt
  • Breathable Material- The ShapeFlex™ Nylon is soft on the skin and breathable to wear all day!
  • Shapes Your Booty - ShapeFlex™ Nylon Technology also lifts your butt up while compressing your waist for a sexy look.

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